Trevi Boutique

An ancient art of Egyptian memory, a family tradition and a unique place to bring them together. Thus was born, in the heart of the capital, a stone’s throw from the largest and most famous fountain in the world, Trevi Profumo, a temple of magical essences, a refined concept store, a tribute to Romanity and the value of the brand born back in 1919.

Homage to Rome

The layout is curved and soft, a balm for the sight that anticipates that for the sense of smell, an emotional architecture contained in just 20 square meters. The Trevi perfume temple is built around the customer like an embrace, a rounded belly shaped also by the clever use of lighting.

The casket-like store is located on Via del Lavatore, which in its name perpetuates the history of the public laundry-or “the pope’s washer”-that stood near the Quirinale when the palace was the official residence of the popes.

The traces of that Rome, made of domes, wood and luminous backgrounds in the shade of gold, enter directly inside the room through the flooring, which traces the cobblestones and invites us to look at the past as the reclaiming element of the space.

The sacredness of space

At the center of the boutique, the counter is the pulpit, and Seletti’s pendant chandelier lights it up, making it appear to be the load-bearing element of the entire structure, the foot of a column rising ideally to support the top of the dome behind which the ceiling disappears.

The vault describes a semicircle whose scaffolding can be admired: the frame of oak beams and frosted glass captures the attention by highlighting the craftsmanship of the work, at the same time a work of architectural design and custom interior design. Around it, rotate the shelves, real niches defined in the background by strips of retro decorated glass that create the effect of precious lace, immediately echoed in the wallpaper that continues the optical illusion and widens the perspective. 

A precious casket

Like Fabergé’s egg, the perfumery reveals every detail as soon as you cross the threshold, which is also the result of extraordinary creativity: two glass wings protect the case by day and seal the noble essences inside at night. 

Transparency and lightness characterize the concept store, a place that finds perfect correspondence between architecture and product, a symposium of senses where both arts, building and enfleurage, are transformed into a unique experience of great seduction.