Private residence Camilluccia

The spacious volumes of the interior, 260 square meters with over 3 meters of ceiling, are emphasized by the architectural concept that responds to the needs of the client with the creation of a new and original structural dress. Thus rethought, the Camilluccia apartment, in Rome, acquires a unique personality marked by lightness, transparency and maximum communication between all rooms.

Directing the eye first is the Elegant Brown marble monolith, a formal and functional junction between the kitchen (as a counter), bedroom (as a desk) and entrance (as a console), all separated by transparencies and semi transparencies. The design language used translates the need for a culture of sharing, which prefers a single key element to the distributional rebus of spaces. Such as the large glass porthole that allows a glimpse of the dining area, furnished with a circular Erasmo table and Caffè chairs, both by Promemoria – like the bronze console table and the blue leather Aziza armchair in the living room – over which the chandelier by Moooi falls.

Color conversations

Beyond the unprecedented partition opens the living room, a common area that runs the length of the apartment and stops where the sleeping area begins with its distinct private spaces, of young people and adults. Light, the protagonist, dialogues with the clear color selection of the walls and the bleached essence flooring, regenerating the spaces through the large windows and the artificial lighting of Santa & Cole floor lamps.

Fine materials, such as Antolini’s Verde Bamboo marble, underscore the meticulous attention and care for every detail, which also goes into the Agape fixtures and sinks, full-wall showers, and Fantini faucets. A design that ties all rooms in the home together.

The glossy lacquered kitchen seems to blend with the walls and the large marble island, testifying to the importance of form as a function and as a decorative element of the highest quality.

The largely custom-designed furniture – including the bookcase wall by Loto Ad Project – expresses the coherence of the project from every point of view, including color: thus suggests the Extra Wall sofa in Living tone-on-tone leather. The terrace, which juts out and opens a view of the garden,

tennis courts and condominium pool, was designed as an extension of the living room, so it is paved with a woven tatami and furnished with Frame sofas and armchairs by Paola Lenti.