Private residence Farnesina House

Continuous and circular lines, transparencies, bespoke interiors. Casa Farnesina sums up rigor and fluidity in 220 square meters on the third floor of a building in the well-known Roman neighborhood, a short distance from the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The owner, an entrepreneur with a great passion for boating, has left a raw fabric to be shaped as he chooses, an open space with only columns to support structure and imagination. Loto AD Project intervenes by going beyond the traditional scheme of subdividing spaces and imprinting the design as if it were a pied dans l’eau, without sharp edges, sophisticated and bespoke.

Nautical inspiration

Everything is designed and handcrafted with fine carpentry: from the furniture to the cabinets, to the dividing pills, from the kitchen to the doors, some of which -glass and concealed – are diaphragms thoughtfully designed in harmony with the overall design of the house. The walls have the warm texture of Arte Effeitalia and Dedar wallpapers that harken back to the linear horizon of the sea when it is calm or the streaking of seashells.

The flooring is a single skin that runs throughout the house, a beige-colored, veinless Turkish travertine stone. Ground heating is just one of many features that make the residence home automation and high-tech performance.

We optimized the footprint by thinking about life at the water’s edge, studying and creating large pills and cabinets that serve as wings to separate functions and rooms, such as the one in the hall that also incorporates the fireplace and where the Absolu and Sherazade sofas by Edra stand out like solos in an orchestra in front of a very refined low table by Glas. For conviviality, on the other hand, table and chairs by Baxter. The only dark note is the Daytona console table.

Reflections and transparencies

This shell-like soul finds its natural shore in the ceilings, on which large ceilings treated with silver leaf are hollowed out to reflect light and mark the roundness of the whole project.

The interplay of reflections and transparencies marks the importance of light in the design philosophy, as evidenced by the use of full-length windows from Swiss Sky Frame to unite, rather than separate, the room with the terrace embellished with Roda furniture complements, in a seamless dialogue.

The impression of touching pine trees with one finger continues in the master bathroom, where fine finishes jump to the eye with Ritmonio’s top-of-the-line satin brass faucets, the dark gray stone that hugs the tub and we find in the decorative owl-nail-cut fretwork, and Edoné furniture. Tailored work that demands attention to every detail and vibrates in the golden thread of the wallpaper that completes the interior.

The preciousness of the materials returns in the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom, a room with a more rigorous and masculine mood whose surfaces are raised horizontally.

In the sleeping area the volumes dominate more than the furniture, contained in the dividing paneling, and immediately the suite soul of the Roman residence emerges: the fifth with its porthole mirror, the refinement of the only piece of furniture, Scrigno by Fratelli Campana, and the white and beige to emphasize the brightness – emphasized even more by the Schuco fixtures – of a room with deliberately contained and intimate dimensions.