Private residence Pitagora

The restyling of a small residence in an early 20th century palace in Parioli, Rome, whose recent renovation preserved the original typological features of rationalist architecture. A home conceived by the client – a young entrepreneur with a passion for design and an art collector – as a refined and functional place to welcome his guests.

Imagining new spaces

The Pitagora residence ( 70 sqm) is divided into three rooms: kitchen/dining area, bedroom and bathroom on the first level and living area on the second level. Through refined design choices, custom-designed furniture elements and details the perception of space is expanded, overcoming the small size of the apartment.

The wallpaper Novecento by Wall&decò, arranged at full height with vertical gray bands and Eur buildings in the background, dematerializes the wall, which becomes a sort of “window on rationalism”, imaginatively opening the room to the outside and creating new perspectives.
For the same purpose, in the living room on the second level, the Elisir paper by Wall&decò alludes to new spaces beyond the wall. Also to emphasize verticality, the full-height dark gray wrought iron bookcase was custom-designed, reiterating the theme of monumental architecture present in the decorative papers on the walls.

Sophisticated design, custom-made furniture

Together with the client, we selected sought-after design pieces and designed custom furniture. In the dining area, Cleto Munari’s White Number marble table, designed by Mimmo Paladino, limited edition and numbered 1/100 is paired with restored original Thonet seating. The wooden kitchen is custom designed and made by local artisans. The living room on the second floor houses the Sherazade sofa by Edra, the limited edition Florence Knoll sideboard by Knoll, the lamp by Fontana Arte and the carpet by Ege Carpet with contrasting geometric patterns, which continues in the staircase creating continuity between the two levels.