Private residence Punta Ala

In the elegant and exclusive Punta Ala, the owner of a cottage, asks to review its architectural and interior layout. In this landscape, which was “Punta Troia,” our search for the contemporary had regard for that cultural manifesto that remained, like the Hidalgo Tower, in defense of territorial identity.

Fluid forms

Fluidity and the simplicity of forms are the answer and at the same time the compromise with the Tuscan model: the single-family residence is expanded by finding a new extension of 220 square meters. The entire construction picks up the suggestions of the exterior and becomes its natural continuation, both in form and material essence. Three floors, one of which is a basement with two dependences for guests.

The floor is a single skin of Nary Beige mastic-colored natural stone from I Conci and is used everywhere except composing it with Bianco Santa Caterina and Pietra Brown (also from I Conci) at the master and service bathrooms, respectively.

On the main floor in the garden level, a 150 square meters space with centuries-old olive trees, there is a sleeping area with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a large open space, the true soul of the residence from every point of view: of style, atmosphere, value and the lightness of the finishes. The living room is the central landing island with a single curvy and versatile seat, the Flap by Edra. Set in a corner is the armchair by Promemoria that dialogues with the table and chairs by Baxter.

Charm is also in the strictly custom-made Nary Beige kitchen, where the double-sided mirror cabinet Paesaggi Italiani by Massimo Morozzi for Edra offers a veil of secrecy. Light enters from a large bow-window opening, one of many eyes on the Paola Lenti-furnished backyard.

Watchword: continuity

The upper floor-where there is the master bedroom with terrace on two levels, a bathroom and a small living room-is accessed by a staircase bordered on the left by the wall covered with the Acqua di 3DSurface texture, to evoke the sea at a short distance. On the right is the glass handrail that, together with the airy steps, communicates lightness. A house designed, studied down to the smallest details, where even a Le Corbusier chaise longue in the small relaxation area overlooking the large living room makes a difference.

Continuity is the meter of the whole project, so Schuco fixtures emphasize the connection between two spaces and the creation of a single regenerative path. From the sun that illuminates everything, the exterior offers more than shelter: a single retractable canvas over the family table and Brise Soleil to protect conversation on colorful armchairs and ottomans, again Paola Lenti.