Giorgia Dennerlein



A Roman architect by adoption with a multi-cultural education. An architect who combines Italian warmth and verve with the typical German rigor and method, molded by an important period spent at the faculty of architecture “RW Technishe Hochschule Aachen” in Aquisgrana,Germany, following her degree in architecture from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

The originality of her designs emerges from her earliest work having created a personal style and unique images in both the architectural and design fields.

Recognition by both public and press, led over time to a greater structuring of her professional work with the creation and the establishing of some brands that were subsequently linked to the development of her image: ELABORA , in 1998, LOTO DESIGN starting September 1999, and LOTO AD PROJECT starting 2015.

Through LOTO DESIGN, Giorgia Dennerlein, has been able to deliver, onto the Italian scene, the sense of the study of architecture in the living space by offering an integrated professional service that goes from the ideation of space to the selection and choice of materials and objects that will animate it.

With this spirit of constantly evolving and constantly looking for innovative solutions, both the work and the style of Giorgia Dennerlein and LOTO AD PROJECT are now recognizable in the many projects she is involved in planning and realizing.