Boutique Hotel Trevi

The renovation of the main floor of a small boutique hotel a few steps from the fountain of La Dolce Vita: 59 Steps Trevi is a hotel particulier located in a 17th-century palazzo in Rome’s central Rione Trevi. The 160 sq m second floor accommodates three rooms and the common area.

Retro nostalgia

The concept is inspired by decadent romanticism, a theme rendered through the use of wallpaper we created on the images of Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde. The settings captured by the lens are abandoned places, but not without charm, capable of creating an additional dimension that dematerializes the wall. Each room draws inspiration from it, reckons with the memory of spaces that, now of no one, tell of a lost beauty.

With partition walls torn down, showers and toilets are created inside containers, a kind of “room within a room” separated by frosted glass walls, while washbasins are left exposed inside the rooms.

The hotel is characterized by the careful choice of furnishings and materials, combining retro-taste pieces, such as armchairs, bathroom storage units and 1950s mirrors, with contemporary furniture, lighting and materials.

Pastel colors recalled by wallpaper were chosen in the rooms. The floors are of cement tiles juxtaposed with resin carpets, designed to emphasize the decadent theme.

Warm tones of red combined with gold leaf parquet flooring predominate in the common area.