The Appuntamento Restaurant

The new concept restaurant in Rome, in the Prati district, gathers the eclectic and decorative signature of the Architect Giorgia Dennerlein. An interior project with vintage inspirations that invites guests to travel with their imagination.

The Appuntamento aims to propose itself as a meeting place. The Architect Dennerlein creates a unique and highly personalized place, inspired by the travels and passions of the owner who imagined it. Colors, suggestions, experiences are condensed into a precious and romantic treasure chest, romantic and cosmopolitan. The vintage, art-deco, tropical, contemporary Parisian-inspired style blends oriental and Nordic accents: the multifaceted soul of the space conquers with its entrancing harmony. The Appuntamento is a restaurant and at the same time a garden, a bistro and a lounge: an atelier of wonder.

The guest is welcomed by the refined floral compositions of Anthea Studio and the ceramic objects of Musae Studio, to which the area at the entrance is dedicated. It is the ceramics, on display and on the table, that dictate the chromatic imprinting of the project on the notes of amaranth red, green and pastel pink

From the small flower atelier, the main space opens up to the eyes which, with the work of the Architect, exploits and enhances the entirety of the space. The lounge space with comfortable sofas and rattan seats, by GUBI and BONACINA, lay on a “carpet” of majolica tiles, green to match the seats, and delimited by a pink Roman “seminato” floor. Both FIORANESE. In synergy with each other, outdoor and indoor communicate thanks to the large sash windows, creating a natural contamination. The lighting is characterized by the IL FANALE Pliè brass lamps, the FLOS glass bodies, and the hammered golden ceiling.

For the furnishings, Architect Dennerlein, beside choosing the excellence of the most outstanding Italian brands, designed part of the elements present in the project together with her Studio.

In front of the windows, the art of Irem Incedayi adorns the central wall of the lounge area. Majestic birds and exotic vegetation mix on the backdrop made of silver leaf, creating an almost dreamlike mood. Adhesive mirrors positioned specifically on the ceilings and walls generate artificial depths and direct the light above the entrance as well as above the pink onyx cocktail bar counter.

Custom made Loto Ad Project, the latter, as well as the buttery behind it. The stools with precious brass reflections are COVET HOUSE. In the restaurant area delimited by the pillars covered with the three-dimensional Manaus texture of 3D SURFACE, the kitchen of The Appuntamento takes center stage to welcome its guests between tables, counters and sofas. In particular, the terracotta-colored ones are made to a design by Loto Ad Project with NOBILIS fabrics.