Hotel Palazzo Manfredi Grand View Suite

At Palazzo Manfredi, a sumptuous palace located on the remains of the Ludus Magnus and renovated by Matteo Thun, Loto Ad Project builds the Grand View: a modern, technological, and luxurious enclosure at the foot of one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

A rationalist project, where an orthogonal mesh of travertine blocks punctuates the facade as if to distinguish itself from the overlooking Colosseum, symbol of the Eternal City. Full-height openings and the narrow exterior gallery, set between the structure and the glass windows, offer a breathtaking view of the Ludus Magnus.

The classicism of the façade is emphasized by the use of travertine, a marble typical of Imperial Rome, used in splits, smooth or worked, and also reproposed in the interior, such as in the entrance, staircase, and common areas. The building stands respectfully in context, and its architecture dialogues harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

A dialogue between inside and outside

The Conti Manfredi family, owners of Palazzo Manfredi, purchased apartments within the imposing building to be used as Suites for the adjacent hotel and entrusted us with the project. The apartments have various sizes ranging from 45 to 100 square meters.
Suites are treated as a large and unique space in which different functions are fragmented by transparencies. The bedding area and wellness areas, equipped with functional bathtubs and showers, predominantly have views of the Colosseum, and in the larger apartments, even the living room enjoys an amazing view.

Different furnishings, finishes, and textures were chosen for each suite, though they are united by the use of materials that draw from the 20th century repertoire.

Wall hangings recall classic landscapes and themes to bring the surrounding architecture inside. The modern design, fine finishes, colors and wall coverings chosen, and the domotics used for the electrical system, underfloor heating, and sound system create a refined and luxurious environment in keeping with the 5 Star Luxury Palazzo Manfredi Hotel that the 5 Suites represent.