Hotel Punta Tragara Capri

Nearly a century later, the “stracasa” wanted by Lombard engineer Emilio Errico Vismara overlooking the sea of Capri, with a view of the Faraglioni rocks, is enriched with new charms under the Manfredi counts, who in 1973 made it the Hotel Punta Tragara and in the years to follow it became a 5-star luxury boutique hotel.

Between sky and sea

An island within an island that is dressed in contemporary style and on which Loto Ad Project intervened following the suggestion of the landscape. The surrounding nature connects with the structure by informing all environments with a view to sustainability. In the large cutouts of light, spaces are amplified and colors and furnishings are accentuated.

The architect’s intervention is achieved above all in the integration of the pre-existing structural elements with innovative solutions that always have in mind the Capri skyline and the ever-changing seascape under the pull of the winds. Rooms and common spaces – the main staircase and lobby – project the restyling outward while letting the island’s regenerating magic breathe inside.

Each room is unique and deepens the idea of well-deserved relaxation after a long journey. Thus those who arrive at Punta Tragara recover in a single sphere all the enchantments of the place, inhabiting it even within the walls of the exclusive building of twentieth-century memory. The ancient soul of the villa marries and flows into the contemporary through a reasoned and eclectic compositional strategy that sees traditional and non-traditional ceramic objects juxtaposed with wall hangings with Mediterranean fantasies. Cultured details that tell different stories and eras.

Architectural flower

The lobby finds inspiration in the rose garden of Countess Manfredi, a figure whose memory, taste and regal hospitality echoes everywhere. The triumph of old-fashioned chandeliers and light points, the Hoffman armchairs, the large mirror, the 1940s black-and-white carpet and the “Bouquet of Roses Bisazza” mosaic rug are proof of this.

At the bottom of the entrance gallery is Bird, the platinum glazed ceramic sculpture by Spanish designer Hayon, which, placed on a pedestal covered with mirror fragments, is meant to be the original greeting to the guest and a representation of the joyfulness offered to travelers who choose Hotel Punta Tragara.