Accommodation facility La Fiaiola

An accommodation facility in a Narnese valley, perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment: a lush nature that will allocate about 80 hectares to olive groves and truffle farms. The olive press, attached to the receptive structure, is the focal point; the spiral shape and the various parts that open in a radial pattern, a tribute to the ancient olive mill.

The building will have spaces for oil and truffle tasting, while the farmhouse will have its central soul in a tower for receptive use – the silos – that will serve as a landmark in the landscape.

In the heart of Umbria

The house will be developed all around, finding in the elements of the land, such as the stone and the umbrian coppo, the connecting fabric on which to develop. It will consist of two distinct bodies – living and sleeping areas – but connected by a central part where there will be a large table for reception. From the parallelepiped unrolling under the Umbrian sky, the overlooks open to two different perspectives: on the valley and on the land.

The pedestrian path will connect all parts, eventually emphasizing the three-dimensionality of this part of the land. On some of the terraces will be planted with native local tree essences, while others will be destined for view and relaxation areas, perhaps in the shade of an oak tree. The complex, luxury hospitality, will include a natural swimming pool, a bathing and eco-sustainable lake, an outdoor cinema and 10 suites, and will be dedicated to a discerning audience in palate and tourism.

Giorgia Dennerlein ci accompagna alla scoperta di uno dei suoi progetti in corso.
La Fiaiola, un complesso turistico di lusso che sorge nel cuore dell’Umbria.
Integrato con l’ambiente circostante dove la natura gioca da protagonista dando spazio a filiere di
uliveti e tartufaie.