Manfredi Hotel Palm Suites

In an 700s buildingat the foot of the Imperial Forum gardens, overlooking the Basilica of Maxentius and the Colosseum, the Palm Suites are born.

The leit motif of the project, which unites all the suites, isthe palma, a tree already present in Rome in the time of Suetonius, which became a fashionable plant on the late 19th century and then in the Fascist era, when during the colonial period Italy liked to adorn itself in African style to commemorate its splendor and conquests.

“For those who live in the capital, palm trees are a familiar element, like fountains and sanpietrini, they belong to our urban landscape, from Piazza Cavour to Villa Celimontana, from the Spanish Steps to the Colle Oppio, to the foot of the Roman Forum. We can even call it the symbolic tree of Rome,” says Giorgia Dennerlein.

Palms and color

On an old structure characterized by vaulted wooden ceilings and exposed bricks, a light renovation was made in which the protagonist is the color. The continuous herringbone wood plank floor is the backdrop for a cloudy gray paint on the walls, obtained from natural dyes that are going to oxidize over time. The doors and frames are glossy pearl gray lacquer to give a vibrant glow.

Natural fabrics, African printed cottons and handwoven polypropylene textile fibers alternate in the furnishings. Color and exotic patterns predominate throughout the upholstered furniture and headboards, in which Vienna straw is combined with palm and floral themed printed fabrics. The palm tree is reproposed in the wallpapers and lamps tying the mood of the project together. Bathrooms are upholstered in tatami woven synthetic fiber and a band of mirror frames.

The floral and palm tree theme enhances the connection between the interior and the outdoor overlooks on the Forum gardens, almost creating an immediate and natural indoor-outdoor.

Suite 20

Suite 21

Suite 22

Suite 23

Suite 24