Hotel Punta Tragara Capri Suites

On Capri, the villa that once belonged to Countess Enrica Manfredi, now part of the 5-star luxury Punta Tragara Hotel, will soon find a new look with the 1940s interior design by Giorgia Dennerlein.

Villa Enrica is one of the three bodies that form the luxurious accommodation complex of the Hotel Punta Tragara of the Counts Manfredi on Capri, a unique belvedere with 16 rooms titled “Mare Sole” overlooking the bay and pool and to which Giorgia Dennerlein will give a sumptuous new interior thanks to a complex restyling effort.

The “dress” that Loto Ad Project’s founding architect has in mind finds its sartorial imprinting in the hotel lobby: he will then look back to the 1940s, when this Le Corbusier-designed modernist icon opened its doors to personalities such as Wiston Churchill.

Room 97 offers a glimpse of the unique experience to be had with one glance to the past and one to the future at the same time. Each room will have its own story, except being united with the others by the same concept that enhances the compactness of the furnishings, the elegance of a noble material such as marble and the freshness of the Capri atmosphere.

Comfort and functionality

In a space of about 30 square meters, architect Dennerlein elaborates a small holiday universe, maximally comfortable and functional, by exploiting the perimeters: the wall in front of the bed is a textured panel with a neutral background on which various elements are as if set, enhanced by a palette that veers from gold toward more mellow tones.

Inside this precious frame will be a large monitor and a desk with drawers intersecting the bar fridge, all connoted by a discreet design that expresses the softlines of the exterior, the history of the building, and the beauty of the landscape. The experience is furthered by all sorts of facilities that a luxury hospitality establishment like Punta Tragara always makes available to its guests. A pleasant sense of escapism fueled by the right combination of culture and technology, craftsmanship and exclusive furniture brands.

Opposite, the iconic and refined style of the 1940s will be recalled by a headboard designed by the studio, which adds two onyx wings at the bronze nightstands with glass tops.

Precious details designed to dialogue with the vaults, enhance the architecture of the first half of the 20th century, recall the natural light beyond the French doors. An emotional space that vibrates in the balanced contamination of eras, dictates elegance in the curtains by Casamance and comfort in the outdoor and lounge seating by Dedon. Inside, the two armchairs are designed by Loto Ad Project.

In the marble-clad bathroom, the intervention is limited to an additional touch of distinction with the addition of Elitis wallpaper and mirrors by Isa and Artelinea.