Hotel Manfredi Palace The Court

The Court, the new and scenic lounge area of Palazzo Manfredi, was created by elaborating the monumentality and lightness of past and present architectures to achieve a space in which it is possible to inhabit them simultaneously.

The perimeter of the court is suggested by perspective: with the Colosseum in front, the Ludus Magnus to the East and the 5-star luxury hotel to the West, designing the stage of Roman summers becomes just a matter of respecting the balances. Everything is already on axis.

Textures and colors

Bar area and lounge have been designed as two mirrored realities in fluid connection with each other, just cross the short travertine slab walkway reminding of the ancient hinge, also chosen to characterize the 7.5-meter long bar counter.

In the central part, the diamond-pointed mirror inserts are the optical play that breaks the course of the rocky material to bounce every angle, dismember the space and recompose it, emphasizing the intimacy of the place. The bands of various colors inserted in the lozenges mark the importance of the color factor and our style.

Evidence of this is the jigsaw puzzle of orange, yellow, blue and houndstooth black and white used to design the furniture and communicate fabric quality, elegance and comfortable shapes. The final touch are the pvc carpets with textures so refined they look like natural fiber.

Uncovered theater

We also made three large iron bottle holders, embellished with a backdrop with an extraordinarily well-crafted lacework design, that support up to 400 bottles of the finest and most valuable nectars, as well as exclusive spirits.

Strategic use of lighting warms this ideal outdoor theater auditorium by emphasizing unique furniture complements such as the tubular metal frame and upholstered armchairs and, more generally, all the architectural components and Made in Italy manufactures that interact with the space.

Two large removable mastic-colored covers protect from sun or rain and muffle, if necessary, the entire lounge area dotted with greenery.