Manfredi Hotel Rhinoceros

The primitive energy of Rhinoceros, an art palace and headquarters of the Alda Fendi Foundation at the Velabro, guides Giorgia Dennerlein in the restyling of the terraces of the restaurant and lounge bar run by the Counts Ceglia Manfredi.

Here, Jean Nouvelle’s strict minimalism lets the centuries-old beauty of the Eternal City speak for itself. The essentiality of the building will meet a new, diametrically opposed vision, calibrated to the Foundation’s dominant color-red-and the contemporary research of artistic director Raffaele Curi.

Overlooking Ancient Rome

The terraces -main and altana- dominate the surrounding landscape: here the beauty of ancient Rome can be glimpsed, such as the Temple of Hercules the Victor and the Arch of Janus. And the exteriors of the Lounge Bar thus become a pedestal with a contrasting palette and original furnishings, worthy of hosting a 5-star entertainment and panoramic and gastronomic experience.

In the Lounge Bar, the rigidity of the red bar will be diluted in the roundness of Moroso armchairs and sofas, and the restrained extravagance of Driade seating. Stylish stools and small tables by TrabÀ.

Terraces and totems

The concept harks back to colonial atmospheres and the Africa of rhinos, which like totems populate the large carpet in the lounge area. Around the image of the mighty animal Giorgia Dennerlein builds a temple of Op Art elegance

The altana, intended for exclusive events and luxury gourmet, will also come alive with contemporaneity thanks to three different types of carpets with geometric patterns designed by us and hand made by Turkish artist Irem Incedayi.

The fine textures in shades of yellow and blue, mustard, blue and salmon will thus embellish the earthenware floor, which will glow under Roda’s Pillow lanterns sown along the walls.

Gubi provides tables and chairs from Tropique Collection that the soft lighting of Tetatet rechargeable table lamps devotes to pleasant encounters en plein air, however under the shelter of large Umbrosa umbrellas.